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The point is we love to debate minutiae. When it comes to weight loss, 99.9 percent of us need to now only two things: Eat less and exercise more. – Ramit Sethi – Pg. 7

Lessons learned from I will teach you to be rich

1. We hide behind knowledge so we don’t have to do things.

Think about the last time you and your friend talked about finances or fitness. Did you go for a run afterward? – Ramit Sethi – Pg. 8

Sethi brings up a phenomenal point in that we have been so programmed to knowledge is king. Most people focus on research and gaining knowledge as a sign of maturity and growth. However, too many people know what to do but they don’t do it.

It is easy to hide behind knowledge and not have to actually do anything. If we want to be successful we should focus more on doing things and less on gaining knowledge. What if instead of debating with someone we went together and did things.

2. Focus on the big picture

Stop focusing on picking up pennies and instead focus on the big wins to craft your Rich Life. – Ramit Sethi – Pg. 77

It is so easy in life to celebrate saving fifty cents on a purchase because you worked hard to find the best deal all the while never putting a penny in your savings account. We have to stop staying so focused on the micro as Remit Sethi talks about. We need to take the small daily wins and make sure they contribute to the bigger picture.

It is so easy to get lost in the trees of life while never seeing the forest. We allow the small wins to completely disappear and they don’t add to our quality of life. Take time each day, week, or month and see how your daily life is adding to your big picture goals.

3. Experts aren’t always experts

Fifty-seven wine experts couldn’t even tell they were drinking two identical wines. – Ramit Sethi – Pg. 189

In this chapter, Sethi tells of an experiment where 57 wine experts where brought in to evaluate a red wine and a white wine. What they didn’t know was they were the same wine the “red” wine was just the white wine with red food coloring. As you can guess all 57 couldn’t tell that it was the same wine.

Sethi points out that experts are sometimes given too much trust without any verification. We need to rely on experts, it is part of life. However, don’t be lazy listen to experts and then verify. Do your own research.

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