3 steps to see real change…

Please stop doing outward changes thinking it will bring change.

The usual culprits…

Day after day, I see people who are tired of their current situation and think that they need to change something and they are looking for real change. They find themselves in a state of discontent and we have been conditioned to think that contentment will be found by making a change to some outer influence.

  • I need to move to a new city where no one knows me.
  • The need to cut my hair off or color my hair.
  • I need to cheat with someone else to bring new excitement

The examples are endless. The frustrating realization for people is that each change brings contentment for a very short period of time and often you find people going in circles from discontentment to small change to discontentment without ever finding real change.

3 Steps to real change…

1. Start a Journal

You are feeling discontent for a reason and one thing you will find quickly is it isn’t because of your hair length or hair color. Usually, the discontent is coming from somewhere inside of who you are. Journals are fantastic way for you to get your thoughts down on paper and be able to see what’s really going on in your head. We are so blind to our own shortcomings and misconceptions. My favorite journal shop is https://soothi.com.

2. Overcome Fear

I understand this can be a very generic and somewhat broad suggestion. However, life has taught me that many times when people feel they need change it is because they are using the change as a temporary cover to keep them from having to face something they are afraid of. Fear can take form in many different ways:

  • Afraid to reconcile a relationship that has gone awry
  • We are afraid to fail at something
  • Afraid of being/ending up alone
  • Afraid of conflict

If you ever want to see real change fear is something that we must overcome. Everyday face a fear. What’s the worst that could happen? Read more here.

3. Let Go of the Past

The past can have a complete control on our minds and thoughts, because of this we often are running away from our past when we pursue change. However, if the motivation for change is your past you will find out quickly the past doesn’t go away by running from it. You have to take the time to deal with your past and move on. The past will always catch up with you don’t waste your energy trying.

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The aim of discussion, should not be victory, but progress. Joseph Joubert

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