We exist to help people realize their full potential and become all they were created to be

We do this by offering classes, internships, trainings, and mentors to help in this journey of becoming who you were created to be.

Origin of our name

Our name Cave Leadership Development Center comes from a story in the Bible in 1 Samuel 22. The story is based around David the future King of Israel, but the current King isn’t about to have someone take over his throne. So David has been exiled and is being hunted by the current King Saul. During the time of is exile, people begin to leave the kingdom and they find David and begin to live with him in a community in exile.

Saul and his army are out hunting David and his band of followers and David and his followers end up in a cave, known as the cave of Adullam. They are hiding in that cave when Saul come sin to relieve himself completely unaware that David and his men are hiding in the cave. This is the moment that I believe David shows his greatest leadership ability and shows what it really means to lead people.

David’s band of followers tells him to Kill Saul and assume the throne. David refuses and spares Saul’s life. This isn’t Davids first time in a cave but each time he finds himself in one he seems to become a better leader. We named our leadership development center Cave LDC in honor of David and the life lessons he learned in those caves.

Let’s build something together.

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