About the Author

Jeff Pershing


I was born and basically raised in a. suburb of Chicago called Rockford, IL. (shout out to the 815). I had a short pit stop in Nebraska for a few years in elementary school. I learned at an early age I was never the fastest, smartest, or best looking person in most rooms and so I didn’t have any immediate talents that set me a part from the crowd. I found out that my one way to stand out was to work harder than anyone else in the room and so that became my calling card in my early years, I just worked harder and this allowed me to feel a bit of significance.

High school came around and I began to realize that I felt most alive and fulfilled when I was helping someone become a better version of themselves. My mind, I found through self evaluation, somehow is able to see what people could be, not who they are now. Sophomore year in high school I made a determination to begin a journey of a life set aside to help others become the best version of themselves they can be.

The last 24 years of my life have been dedicated to this goal. I became a licensed pastor at the age of 20 and through stops, in Michigan, Wisconsin, Oregon and now currently Oklahoma I spend most of my days and energy with this single goal. I started this blog and subsequent Cave LDC, with the express purpose of challenging people to stop settling for less and do the hard work of becoming who they were created and meant to be.

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