Building a Story Brand – Donald Miller

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller
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Building a Story Brand favorite quote

Noise has killed more ideas, products, and services than taxes, recessions, lawsuits, climbing interest rates, and even inferior design. – Donald Miller – Pg. 12

Lessons learned from Building a Story Brand

1. Set yourself up to be a guide

Nearly every human being is looking for a guide to help them win the day. – Donald Miller – Pg. 32

Successful people set themselves up not to be the hero of the story but to be a guide to help someone be the hero in their story. I find that people often are looking to be the hero in someone’s story and believe people want to be impressed by our own achievements. However, when people are honest they are looking for a guide, a support to their journey.

If you want to be successful in life Donald Miller shows that becoming an encourager and supporter in people’s lives will have the most influence. Donald Miller uses the analogy of Q in the bond movies to give a picture of what it could look like. The best lessons in life you can learn is how to be a guide for others.

2. You have to find meaning in your life.

We are most tempted to distract our selves with pleasure when our life is void of meaning.  Victor Frankl – Pg. 54

I find that most people are searching for two things a good time or a rush of adrenaline. We have been programmed by society that happiness comes from buying things, partying, or jumping out of a plane. The problem is we have more things than we have ever had. We have more fun then we have ever had and we are less complete.

What makes your life have meaning? Where do you search for meaning and purpose in your life. You want to have a complete life find your purpose.

3. Don’t hide your scars.

If there are no stakes there is no story.  We fail to bring up the negative stakes enough so the story we are telling falls flat. – Donald Miller – Pg 110

Social media has some great benefits but one downside is it has caused us to hide behind a mask of greatness. Social media allows us to cover up our weaknesses and hide our scars. However, Donald Miller points out that without the scars there is no story.

We have to have the courage to not hide behind a mask of inauthenticity. We have to embrace that our scars are what give us value. People need to know what you have overcome so they know they can too.

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