Five must read true crime books!!

True crime books that you must read

True crime books…

I have always had a fascination with true crime because it evokes so much emotion for me. These five books will make you angry, sad, and left wondering how can these be true. These books aren’t for the faint of heart but will leave you unable to put them down.

1. Missoula – Jon Krakauer

True crime books
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This book infuriated me and left me with a burning desire that it has to stop. Jon Krakauer gives you a glimpse in to the rape culture that is happening on our college campuses. More than once I had to stop reading simply because I was so angry I just had to stop and take break to calm down. I wish everyone would read this book so that we can see an end to this disgusting crime.

2. A Death in Texas – Dina Temple-Raston

True crime book
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This book is not just a story of a horrendous crime of racism and prejudice, it is a challenge to all of us to look in the mirror and wrestle with our own prejudices. The white men chain a black man to the bumper of their truck is the beginning of a senseless and ridiculous crime of hatred. I would recommend everyone read this book especially in the culture and times we live in. It will reveal some things inside of yourself you may need to face and deal with.

3. The Stranger Beside Me. – Ann Rule

True crime book
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Ann Rule is the queen of true crime books. I have read all the ones she has written and for me this is my favorite of hers. She chronicles the journey of catching the serial killer Ted Bundy. As she is writing the book and going on the journey to catching the killer she realizes she actually knows him and has interacted with him earlier in her life. You will find yourself engaged from page one to the end of the book.

4. Cruel Sacrifice – Aphrodite Jones

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This one is not for the faint of heart. It will rip your heart out and leave you breathless in so many ways. The victim is a child. The killers are children. The crime is as gruesome as they come. However, it makes you think it can’t be true and then you realize this really happened.

5. Under the Banner of Heaven – Jon Krakauer

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A crime done under the guise of God told me too. Once again Jon Krakauer takes us into the world of crimes done with religious overtones as the justification for murder. This book will leave you angry and confused on how someone can get God so twisted.

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