This is Marketing – Seth Godin

This is marketing by Seth Godin

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The best marketers are farmers, not hunters. Plant, tend, fertilize, weed, repeat. Let someone else race around after shiny objects. – Seth Godin

This is marketing review

In This is Marketing, Seth Godin comes out with another book that absolutely challenges you to think and see the world differently. He takes you on a journey and gives you the mile markers along the way to help you measure your growth along the journey. This is definitely a book that you would want to take some time to read and digest.

“Everyone wants something that they can’t possibly have. And if they could have it, they’d discover that they didn’t really want it all along. Everyone is lonely, insecure, and a bit of a fraud. And everyone cares about something.” I pulled this out of the book to give you an example of what this book is really about. The title this is marketing is a bit misleading in one way, this book is more about humans and human nature. Godin has a handle on human thought process and human behavior that few are able to communicate.

I have always been a fan of Godin and have read most of his books but this one rises toward the top for me. I was challenged to really look at human thought and behavior and that directly affects my interactions with them. There is something in this book for everyone and I recommend this book to everyone. It is an easy read and won’t take you long at all to work through it.

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