A microphone is made for talking.

So many words and messages flood our eyes, ears, and mind every minute.  I am pondering this as I am sitting here in a coffee shop just listening to people talk.  How many things that come out of our mouths are useless or making things worse rather than better.  I, by nature, am an introvert, in fact, I would dare even say I have some social anxiety issues if I am honest.  I have learned over the years to cover that up by going in to what one could call “red ross” and just overcome the fear but nonetheless it is there.

That being said talking for me is something that I avoid often and just choose to listen to people.  Last night, I went to a freshman basketball game and it was an intense high emotional game.  The parents were yelling at the refs about the calls and at the end of the game the opposing coach was talking to one of the players on our team and the mother of the team went psycho.  She started yelling at the coach of the opposing team about talking to her son, and then she turned her wrath on our coach and berated  him for not standing up for her son and not yelling at the opposing coach.  She told him, I have more balls than you, and that shouldn’t be the case.  

All talk no action

It’s is amazing to me the words that people are willing to allow to come out of their mouth even in fits of rage.  We, far too often, say things we shouldn’t.  But I would argue that it isn’t just things we say in a rage but things we say because the silence is too much.   Another example is the things we say to sound smart.   I had another friend text me a theological question that they were sitting around in a circle at a bible study and discussing.  The text read, “so there’s a theory that the original word for rib in Hebrew more accurately translates to appendage.  And the fact that humans are one of the few mammals that don’t have a baculum (penis bone), there’s a possibility that women were made from the penis bone one not a rib…”  Whether or not this is even something that has any validity is irrelevant to me.   The thing that blows my mind is that Christians could sit around for hours discussing this thought process all the while have never influenced someone’s life.  Say what you want about these vices, whether they are that bad or not, the fact is that we say too much and do too little.  That we like to sit around in circles and talk about all this theological, or ecological or political dribble all the while our actions do nothing to address said issues.  We talk and talk and talk and yet the simplicity of the message gets so lost that we justify away the actions we do as we talk and talk and talk.  What we could use is less talk and more simplistic action.

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The aim of discussion, should not be victory, but progress. Joseph Joubert

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