The forgotten highlander – Alistair Urquhart

I am completely fascinated with human nature and understanding how humans think, the reason they do what they do, and how human react differently to different situations. I heard of this particular book on a podcast I was listening to and purchased it. It delves deep into human nature and how humans react in certain situations.

The amount that the human body and human mind can endure is highlighted in this book deeply. It is hard to read at some points but fascinating in the same breath because I always put myself in their place and think there is no way I could do it. This book inspires me each time I read it to work on my self discipline and mental toughness.

If you can get a hold of this book you should read it. It is one of those books once you start it is really hard to put down because it just continues to build and build. You can almost do it in one sitting if you have the time, which as I write this most of us have nothing but time since most have a stay at home order in their states.

The aim of discussion, should not be victory, but progress. Joseph Joubert

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