The Elegant Universe – Brian Greene

The Elegant Universe - Brian Greene

The Elegant Universe thoughts.

In the Elegant Universe, Brian Green gives the implication that all matter at it’s base is vibrating strings of energy is so intriguing to me. Dr. Leonard Sweet introduced me to this and I immediately went and bought this book. This book is a thought provoking, deep book that requires some patience and determination but I believe is well worth the work. I am so glad I read this book.

Favorite quote from The Elegant Universe.

Differences between the particles arise because their respective strings undergo different resonant vibrational patterns. What appear to be different elementary particles are actually different “notes” on a fundamental string. The universe-being composed of an enormous number of these vibrating strings-is akin to a cosmic symphony. – Pg. 146

3 lessons from The Elegant Universe.

1. Anyone has the ability to do something great.

Without hoopla or fanfare, a patent clerk from Bern, Switzerland, had completely overturned the traditional notions of space and time and replaced them with a new conception whose properties fly in the face of everything we are familiar with from common experience. pg 23

Albert Einstein was a patent clerk but at the age of 26 wrote his famous paper that changed ultimately the world. So often we allow age, or background, or the things we lack to hold us back from doing something great. Although there are things that can handicap and put us behind the eight ball there is nothing that you can’t deal with and overcome if you have the determination. That’s why I believe in personal growth because everyone has greatness inside of them.

2. At our core we are songs.

Every particle of matter and every transmitter of force consists of a string whose pattern of vibration is its “fingerprint.” pg 146

This to me is a beautiful picture of why music has such a huge effect on so many lives. If at the base of who we are is music is a song, music would touch us deeper than anything else can. This leads to relationships though and can explain why some people just don’t mix. Their vibrations may be out of tune and at the core they just don’t have resonance. But for me persona growth would look like I would be tuning myself. All the things I work on and improve in my life is tuning my life to be a better sounding song.

3. I am not the same person I was a minute ago and neither are you.

we also learn that we, our friends, our belongings, and so forth all move through time, as well. pg 49.

Every day that passes I change. I am a day older, I have new experiences, and I am not the same person I was. Because time moves so slow in retrospect to the amount of change I can see it is easy to forget that I am changing every moment. You are not the same person that I talked to yesterday, you have the same changes. If I can remember that and approach people with that room to allow them to have changed and remember I myself have changed I believe relationships can be a whole lot healthier.

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